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New system login
The login screens have been improved with a new look and new features (17/09/2015)

National Osteoporosis Society - Developing Fracture Liaison Services - updated document
The NOS has compiled various resources to support the development of FLS. (15/09/2015)

NHFD 2015 Annual report released
The latest annual report has been released. (10/09/2015)

Nerve block survey
Can you help provide some details? (25/08/2015)

FFFAP August newsletter
The latest FFFAP newsletter is available. (24/08/2015)

New Study - The impact of NHFD on care and mortality in England
A recent study has shown that the NHFD has led to substantial improvements in care and survival among hip fracture patients. (17/07/2015)

CCG matching
Please continue to match the CCGs manually until further notice (10/07/2015)

Recent chart updates
NHFD charts have been improved. (01/07/2015)

Mortality data
We are currently unable to update our mortality data (26/06/2015)

New safety guidelines reducing the risk from cemented hemiarthroplasty available

Please avoid reusing old records
Don't reuse an existing record - Delete it instead! (01/05/2015)

The 12th Peterborough Hip Fracture Meeting
Stamford Arts centre, Lincolnshire, Friday 2 October 2015. (14/04/2015)

BMJ: Early return home after hip fracture is not unsafe
BMJ: Early return home after hip fracture is not unsafe in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (30/03/2015)

V8 Release Notes
A summary of known issues and current status. (09/09/2014)

Welcome to the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD)

The NHFD is a national clinical audit project designed to facilitate improvements in the quality of hip fracture care.

2015 Annual report

This report considers the care of patients with hip fracture, but it also has much wider implications. Hip fracture is an ideal marker condition with which to examine and challenge the quality and outcome of the care offered to frail and older patients by the modern NHS.

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Previous Reports

Hospital dashboards

Progress charts and summaries for every hospital participating in the audit database.