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My hip fracture care: 12 questions to ask (2019)


The NHFD have updated a booklet to support patients undergoing hip fracture treatment: My Hip Fracture Care: 12 Questions to ask - A guide for patients, their families and carers. The questions cover essential aspects of hip fracture care, and is designed to help patients, families and carers understand what is likely to happen while the patient is in hospital and after they are discharged.

The questions cover aspects of care such as pain relief, memory problems, the seniority and kinds of doctor that should be involved in care, how soon an operation should take place, and rehabilitation following surgery. The booklet also includes the relevant statistics from the National Hip Fracture Database annual report for each question.

The booklet describes what a hip fracture is, why it happens and how it will be treated. It includes a list of 12 questions patients should consider asking the team looking after them, based on the essential elements of high quality hip fracture care.

‘Until we break a hip, few of us will have given a moment’s thought to hip fracture and how we should be cared for once we’ve been taken into hospital. When should you have surgery? What kind of pain relief should you be offered? Can anything be done to prevent you from breaking your hip again? ‘My hip fracture care: 12 questions to ask’ provides the answers, and will help to inform, reassure and empower patients and carers at every stage on the road to recovery.

- Julia Ellis, Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme patient panel member’

The booklet is available in English and Welsh language versions:

Patient report local statistics
The NHFD annual report includes the national statistics for each of the 12 questions patients are encouraged to ask. During discussion with patients it may be helpful to have the relevant local statistics to hand as well. This is a short guide on where to find those figures in the annual report and on the NHFD website.