Dashboard summary reports

These reports aim to summarise individual hospital performance in three main areas:

1. Assessment - how quickly can the patient be assessed
2. Surgery - how quickly is the patient treated and which treatments have been delivered
3. Outcomes - indicates how effective the treatment is, length of stay and patient safety factors

The reports are colour-coded to indicate the performance of each unit. The colour coding is based on the how each unit compares to other units and seeks to show which how well units are meeting expected levels of service delivery.

The range of performance is measured between the highest performing units and the lowest and each unit is classified within four broad categories:

Highest quarter - Top 75-100%
High quarter - 50-75%
Low quarter - 25-50%
Lowest quarter - Lowest 0-25%

The quartiles are based on the statistical distribution of the data for each performance metric and the classification range is different for each measure.
For more information about the quartile classification, click Quartiles

To see all details for a particular hospital unit, click the hospital name to open their individual summary.

To see how units compare, click the table headings to sort on that metric, either high to low or vice versa. You can also select a region to see how hospitals in that area compare. National totals are given and overall 'All NHFD' totals.

You can search for a unit by typing a few characters from its name or unit-code.

To reset any changes you may have made, just reload the table from the menu again or press the reset button.